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Passion for creating state of the art lighting



Built To Perfection

IC12 is a leading global online solutions company. That’s where we started and that’s how we first made our mark on the world – providing full-featured, easy-to-use custom development solutions predominantly for awards and competitions in the photographic industry.

So, we thought of the one device that, from our discussions with working professional photographers, could have the greatest impact on the photographic community right now as it stands, and we believe that device is The LED Light Cube.

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Unique & Stylish

The casing is a cast aluminum chassis to offer heat dispersion and an improved look & feel to the product. The orange bands around the edges are removable silicon rubber O-rings, which offer a functional, tactile element to the product, while also helping with heat transfer on surfaces when running in high power video mode.

The lensing is a revolutionary approach to shaping light from an LED cluster, delivering both the beam and the flux produced by the LED to deliver a maximum throw of light from the unit.

Lance cubist
Meet The Pros

Lance Sullivan is an Award winning and International photographer out of Canada. His environmental portraits and style of lighting on location, fits into exactly who the LED Light Cube was designed for. The all in one light is simple and easy to set up and it’s a breeze to move between flash and video mode, saving time and money. Lance is always on the go; from one location shoot to the next and the LED Light Cube is the perfect size to pack on flights or hide in a corner for some extra light on architecture shoots. Like many other fast paced photographers out there, the LED Light Cube compliments his style and mobility while always giving Lance the light he needs when he needs it.

What makes the CUBE so unique

Despite its small size, The LED Light Cube offers the photographer incomparable control over the output of light

ALL-IN-ONE flash & Video Lighting

Due to The LED Light Cube using an LED model rather than a filament, the Cube can just as easily double as a video light as well as a flash, which is particularly handy given the current proliferation of SLR cameras shooting digital video. The user can swap from shooting stills to shooting motion picture in the blink of an eye.

Continious High Speed Flashing at Full Power

By drawing from super-bright LED technologies, The LED Light Cube not only emits a high quality light but there is no recycle time between flashes. This means it will out-perform any camera or radio trigger in the market.

Adjustable Flash Speed

Despite its small size, The LED Light Cube offers the photographer incomparable control over the output of light, The Cube can ‘freeze time’ at speeds of up to one eight-thousands (1/8000) of a second. At the other end of the scale The LED Light Cube can flash for up to 1 second.

Interlocking Capability

Once you have one LED Light Cube, you can upgrade by adding more Cubes to create large studio light banks. Double the Cubes, double the power. Easily go from 300 to 600 to 1200 watts of light power by simply adding on Cubes.



The Cube

Passion for creating state-of-the-art light. The worlds first hybrid photography flash and video light source all in one

  • 5,000 Lumens of light output
  • Over 15000 flashes at Full Power on a single charge
  • Continuous High speed flashing at full power
  • Over 150 Watts
  • Stable color tempature at 5600k, consistent color temp as power levels are adjusted
  • Ultimate portable lighting kit – Sold as individual or set of 4 lights
  • Stackable. Build versatile light banks
  • Trigger remotely via sync cable, wireless trigger or as light sensitive slave
  • Adjustable flash speed. Adjust the flash speed of the unit to shoot at faster or slower durations. 8000MS – 1 Sec


Make it YOUR Cube

With so many accessories to match with your current lighting set-up, from Profoto adapters and S-type adapters to soft boxes, barn doors, stands and swivel mounts, we have created a system that gives you one of the newest and most versatile experiences on the market.

Whether you want one Cube or Two, or even a large bank of cubes for endless creative lighting setups, we give you the options to meet your needs.


     On Location

Lance Sullivan-Concept Photography

The simplicity and portability of this light allows me to bring the intimacy back into my shoots.


Professionals that have a Passion for helping you get your hands on using state-of-the-art lighting. Available at these locations

We look forward to hearing from you, if you have any questions please contact us right away. We always have time to help.